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Have a healthier barbecue party

As in all types of cooking there are certain foods that are better for our health than others. And the same applies with barbecue grilling. Here at BBQfans we’re taking a look at the foods we should be cooking up if we care about our waistlines, blood pressure and cholesterol – as well as what… Read more »

Rub and Poultry on the Grill

Normally when you cook poultry on the grill, you sear it to catch the juices inside, then cook it slowly to get it nice and tender. Flavor is easy enough to add – just brush on a tangy BBQ sauce and let it caramelize over the flame. But what if you want a more intense… Read more »

Barbecue treats Chinese-style

Barbecues in China could be outlawed – if officials get their way we learned today at That’s because environmental health officers there are clamping down on smog in many of China’s largest cities and have included BBQ smoke as one of the offenders – albeit a minor one alongside the likes of car exhaust… Read more »