Grill Marks For That Perfect BBQ

March 22nd, 2013 by No Comments

Great grill marks are proof that you are the master of your BBQ. If you place a juicy, delicious steak in front of someone – they’ll probably notice your grill marks before the taste. That’s just a natural part of taking the whole meal in: you see it before you taste it, so the BBQ grill marks are going to make the primary impression. bbq-basicsGrill marks are not only proof of your BBQ prowess, they just make everything taste better. Don’t ask me how, they just do! Getting those fantastic marks is only a little extra work, and is definitely worth doing if you’re having guests over for a BBQ dinner. To start, choose your meal. Whatever you choose, make sure it is close to room temperature so it can cook evenly. You can get the grill marks on basically anything you BBQ. Steaks are a top choice, but lean eaters can request chicken breasts or vegetables. You’ll have to tweak this method for veggies, though, as they tend to be smaller than most meat servings. Get your grill hot! Coal or gas, doesn’t matter – make sure you’re cooking with a grill that is hot! Make sure your grill is oiled. You can brush on some olive oil or cooking oil, or find a spray made for BBQ. I also like to add some extra oil on the food itself, to ensure the great grill marks. Place your food on the grill, with high heat. Close the cover of your BBQ. Cook for a minute or two, then lift the lid, and flip the food. Let the food cook for the remaining cooking time. If you want to crosshatch your grill lines, repeat the process. Do not use anything sharp to turn the food over, especially when you’re dealing with steaks. Use tongs to keep the juices in! Ideas for delicious BBQ with grill marks (besides steaks, of course): Vegetables: Corn, zucchini, squash, bell peppers. Anything that has enough bulk to not fall through the grill and to withstand a little heat. You can make great grill lines when you put the right veggie on the BBQ. Just make sure you watch it, so you don’t overcook. Chicken: For people who prefer chicken to red meat, there are still great opportunities for grill marks. Any big piece of chicken will do: breast, thighs, legs. You can even try it with wings. Pork Chops: These are the overlooked hero of the grill lines. Pork chops are easy to cook, and taste pretty darn good. And, when you have them on the BBQ, you can make fantastic grill lines! It’s all about practicing with grill marks. After you have put in the hours, you’ll be able to BBQ delicious food with beautiful lines every time! And if you love grill lines, you may just want to take up branding, too.

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