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Cook your entire meal at once with ease with the Flip N' Easy® Rectangular Grilling Basket from Charcoal Companion. This big capacity basket holds an entire meal's worth of food in its non-stick metal frame.

The convenient design features detachable rosewood handles that allow you to flip the entire meal at once for balanced cooking and then pop out easily so you can close the grill's lid. Ideal for gas grills, the Flip N' Easy eliminates the time consuming task of flipping multiple pieces of food, reducing the time the lid is open to save heat and reduce cooking time.

  • Convenient grilling tool cuts cooking time
  • Cook an entire meal at once in this big non-stick metal basket
  • Detachable rosewood handles - flip basket and remove handles to close grill lid
  • Reduces time grill's lid is open, saving heat and reducing cook time

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