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Charcoal Companion Clip-On Dual Grill Light clips firmly to tables, grills, fences, decks, chairs and many other surfaces. Portable and convenient, the flexible neck allows the user to bend and twist the dual head light to put the LED beam right where it's needed. Battery-operated. Batteries not included.

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  1. Clip-On Dual Grill Light - Great tool that needs specific attention

    Posted by Scotchloks on May 2nd 2017

    This Charcoal Companion Clip-On Dual Grill light is a great grilling tool for grilling after sunset. With 4 AAA batteries there is plenty of light to see what you're doing on the grill. The clip fastens to many shapes and the gooseneck allows pointing the light where it is needed on the grill. I have purchased and used six of these lights 365 through rain and snow since 2011 (6 years). They have a fatal flaw, weather robustness. While they do tell you to bring it inside after grilling, who is going to do that with an armful of barbeque? The battery compartment is on the top of the base clip assembly, so it is subjected to rain water. The battery cover has a rubber seal that is not robust enough to keep water from seeping inside, corroding your batteries. I reduced that problem by taking a plastic sandwich bag, cutting a slit near the opening, and placing the bag over the battery box while directing the spring loaded clasp of the light base through the slit. Batteries are protected and the clip still grabs the mounting surface. The other weak part of the design are the LED connections to their circuit. Some of the LEDs will disconnect from the power connections over time, typically one at a time. This is the same light that was marketed by Steven Raichlen, the "Best of Barbeque" guy, and is now discontinued. If you can keep it going it is a great light. I recommend you buy several until you get the swing of keeping it healthy.

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