Picnic Plus 4 pc Chairman BBQ Tool Set

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Brand : Picnic Plus

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Elegant and sophisticated, the four-piece Chairman BBQ tool set will make anyone feel like a top chef. Features elegant rose wood finish 19" handles with stainless steel heads. Tools fit securely into molded forms with a matching wood carrying case. The durable stainless steel tools including BBQ tongs, BBQ spatula, BBQ fork, and carving knife feature gorgeous rosewood finish handles that will stay cool to the touch. All utensils pack neatly away tucked into the modern style wood carrying case with sparkling metal latches and handle. This marvelous set makes an impressive gift for the master of the grill in your home. 

  • This impressive set is perfect for backyard grilling, tailgating, and camping
  • Dimensions of case: 20" x 7" x 3"
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Color: Wooden


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